Techna-X To Transform Traditional Birds Nest Industry With IoT And Smart Bird Houses

Kuala Lumpur News , 26 October 2021

Techna-X Berhad is expanding its IoT solutions currently deployed in oil palm plantation and agriculture services into bird nest farming as a way to offer an intelligent digital ecosystem for conventional and vertical farming processes. 

Its latest clientele, East Nest Bornea Sdn Bhd is among the active players in the birds nest industry, will collaborate with Techna-X in adopting IoT and smart agriculture technology to improve operations and achieve higher yields. Datuk Jared Lim, Executive Director of Techna-X said the collaboration is to enable the development of technology on Smart Bird Houses and Caves Projects. This being the first Smart Agricultural suite in vertical farming for Techna-X, it will also increase the group’s key advantage in the IoT space and spur growth in the Smart Agriculture industry in Malaysia and worldwide. He added that the MoU with ENBSB will able the company to pioneer the injection of Smart Agriculture, IoT, Data Analytics, and other technological advancements into this industry which has now also been modernised into vertical farming.  

ENBSB is a new generation bird’s nest harvester at both traditional caves and custom-built bird houses in Sabah. Its business includes processing and marketing of bird’s nest products for local and international markets. The team at ENBSB comprises native Idahan who have harvesting rights to collect bird’s nests in Madai Cave in Kunak, Sabah. Madai Cave houses a capacity of edible bird’s nest reaching up to 5,000 kg or 5 tonnes per annum. ENBSB also has 20 bird houses under construction throughout Sabah which will be turned into Smart Bird Houses following this collaboration with Techna-X. 

As international demand for bird’s nest is expected to surge, the target is to build over 300 bird nests in the next 5 years. We want to continue to deliver the highest quality of bird’s nest to our customers and at the same time preserve and raise the standards of living among the Idahan people who are part of our great forefathers. We believe that our MoU with Techna-X will enable us to advance the ecological management system in our trade.”, said Encik Mohd Nazil Mohd Lan, Managing Director of ENBSB. 

It was reported in CGTN in May 2021 that the global market for bird’s nests and bird’s nests’ products is estimated to be worth $5 billion a year. Malaysia exports some 600 tonnes of bird’s nests a year, with about 60 percent of that going to China. Exports to China grew more than a third last year.