Techna-X signs five-year technology partnership agreement with Kenya-based Pesapass Ltd

Kuala Lumpur News , 28 October 2021

Techna-X Bhd executive director Datuk Jared Lim says TISB has been working together with Pesapass to secure the RMS project from KWS for the past two years.

Techna-X Bhd’s (TXB) wholly-owned subsidiary Touchpoint International Sdn Bhd (TISB) has secured a five-year exclusive technology partnership agreement with Pesapass Ltd, a company incorporated in Kenya, to license TISB’s revenue management system (RMS) for Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and all of its 65 national parks and reserves.

The RMS developed for KWS will be known as the Safaripay Platform (Safaripay) and will be implemented across all of its managed parks which receive over two million visitors per year.

The combined ticketing revenue for all the parks managed by KWS is valued at up to RM500 million annually in a regular pre-Covid19 pandemic year.

TXB executive director Datuk Jared Lim said TISB has been working together with Pesapass to secure the RMS project from KWS for the past two years.

“This is touted as the largest RMS and one of the largest information technology (IT) system development in the history of Kenya.

“The RMS will help KWS to digitalise its entire revenue collection and management system, including online and onsite ticketing,

facility and amenities reservations as well as consolidating and support for relevant existing third-party focused operations.

“At the same time, the RMS will reduce any potential revenue leakages, which means greater returns back to the Kenya wildlife and its community,” Jared said in a statement today.

TISB will own all intellectual property rights of Safaripay, and in consideration of the licence for use by Pesapass, TISB will be entitled to a percentage of the total net revenue transacted over the platform.

TISB will also provide and support Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-hosted high specification secure digital wallet and revenue management payment solutions.

Safaripay will enable Pesapass to provide digital payments, revenue collection, connectivity devices, and loyalty propositions to KWS’s merchandise retail clients across Pesapass’s participating affiliates.

Jared said this agreement would be a great project showcase of TISB’s capabilities to implement a large scale nationwide RMS development and augurs well for TXB as the agreement comes with an option of renewal for a further five years.

“This project is expected to be deployed in the fourth quarter of this year and holds a wide potential upside for TISB to implement other capabilities on Safaripay.

TISB will potentially be able to introduce additional technology elements into Safaripay, such as data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities further to enhance the usefulness and efficiency in its system,” Jared said.

This is the second project secured by TISB in the African continent.

The first is a five-year partnership with South Africa’s Snappistore to provide a superapp platform that supports e-commerce businesses.

Both projects are implemented through a revenue-sharing system which will generate new and sustainable income streams for TXB as the company continues to capitalise on the market growth and rapid economic recovery in the region post-Covid-19.